Services offered

Services offered

Joanita and Silvio Molina

PO Box /Caixa Postal, 142
Campos de Jordão - SP


Services offered by Joanita and Silvio:
in Brazil, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina, USA and Europe

Ascension Workshops

• Ascension (many levels)
• Relationships and Ascension
• Inner Child and Ascension
• Teachings of Kuthumi and Dk about ascension
• Dr Stone’s teachings about ascension
• Elohim’s teachings about ascension
• Lord Buddha, Wywamus and Santa Kumara’s teachings about ascension.
• Lady Gaya’s teachings about ascension
• Easter Festival : Full Moon of Aries
• Wesak Festival : Full Moon of Taurus
• Humanity Festival : Full Moon of Geminy
• The 12 ful moon festivals of the year
• The GOD and GODDESS energy

Channelings and teachings from:

Masters Kuthumi, DK. El Morya, St Germain, Portia, Lord Buddha, Maytrea, Wywamus, Sanat Kumara, Lenduce, Lord and Lady Syrius, Elohins Hercules, Apolo and Lumina, Heros and Amora; Archangels Miguel, Jofiel and Samuel; Mother Mary, Tara, Lady Gaya; Lady Angel, Lakshmi, among others.

Portals of Daylight

- Violet Flame
- Order of Melchizedek -
- YOD Initiation-
- Shakti Pac -
- Initiation of the Forgiveness -
- Initiation of the 7 Archangels -
- Discovering the ilusion veils
- Ascensional heart chacra
- Initiation in the arms of Lady Angel –
- Platinum Net
- Third Eyesight
- Michael Archangel Initiantion
- Initiation of the egiptian cartouches
- Wisdow of the Atlantian Masters
- Wywamus Platinum Lotus
- Lord and Lady Syrius Initiation
…and more!!!!

• Merkabah
• Ascended master’s teachings
• Elohin’s teachings
• Archangels teachings
• Atlantian Masters Healing and ascension activation
• Syrius healing and activations
• Synthesis Reiki
• Synthesis Healing
• Advanced Techinics of Therapy for ascension
• Kahunas healing
• Seichim
• SKHM (advanced Seichim/Egiptian Ascension tecniches)
• Ayurvéda teachings
• AMADEUS Healing
• Native American Teachings for ascension

Ascended Shamanism

• Channelings
• Healing
• Healing Environments
• Ascensional Astrology from Syrius (ascensional mission, initiantion level, message from soul and monad, etc...)
• Messages from Masters, Archangels and Elohins