I Am University - Brazil

I Am University - Brazil


Joanita/ Silvio Molina
Po Box/ Caixa Postal, 142
Campos de Jordão - SP - Brazil - 12460-000


We are Joanita and Silvio Molina, and We are the I am University – BRAZIL.

Our spiritual mission and purpose is also a multifaceted process.

As a I am university branch we are focused on helping Dr Stone in his mission of expanding the ascension consciousness all over the world.

We have the mission to anchor onto the Earth an inner plane Ashram and Spiritual/-Psychological/Physical/Earthly Teaching and Healing Academy!

Our Ashram is called ADONAI I AM and it is located at Campos do Jordão – São Paulo.

It is a wonderful place for healing, meditating, and ascending. We also have a branch of ADONAI – I am at Rio de Janeiro – RJ.

We are overlighted in this mission by Melchizedek, Mahatma, Metatron, the Inner Plane Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, Kuthumi, El Morya, Sananda, Saint Germain, Archangel Michael, Jofiel and Samuel, Elohins Hercules and Amazona, Aolo and Lumina and Heros/ Amora; Sai Baba, Wywamus, Sanat Kumara, Lord Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Mother Mary, Lady Tara, Serapis Bey, Lady Portia, Lady Gaya, and a great many others beloved masters, archangels and light beens.
Our work at the I am University Brazil is focused on: ascension classes and workshops, expanding the ascension conscious all over Brazil, south America and Europe, take people to Wesak at Mt Shasta/CA, helping people to find their initiation level of ascension, holding the 3 light Festival (Easter, Wesak and Humanity) every year in Brazil, and passing to our students the masters teachings.
We now give classes and workshops at Campos do Jordão, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Campinas, and other places in Brasil, South America, USA and Europe.

We are opened to take it to any place we are needed.

We are so given to the light work and the master’s teachings.

Get in touch with us!

- ADONAI – I am
Joanita e Silvio Molina
Caixa Postal 142
Campos do Jordão/SP

Ascension Workshops
• Ascension (many levels)
• Relationships and Ascension
• Inner Child and Ascension
• Teachings of Kuthumi and Dk about ascension
• Dr Stone’s teachings about ascension
• Elohim’s teachings about ascension
• Lord Buddha, Wywamus and Santa Kumara’s teachings about ascension.
• Lady Gaya’s teachings about ascension
• Easter Festival : Full Moon of Aries
• Wesak Festival : Full Moon of Taurus
• Humanity Festival : Full Moon of Geminy
. The 12 ful moon festivals of the year

Channelings and teachings from:

Masters Kuthumi, DK. El Morya, St Germain, Portia, Lord Buddha, Maytrea, Wywamus, Sanat Kumara, Lenduce, Lord and Lady Syrius, Elohins Hercules, Apolo and Lumina, Heros and Amora; Archangels Miguel, Jofiel and Samuel; Mother Mary, Tara, Lady Gaya; Lady Angel, Lakshmi, among others.

Portals of Daylight

- Violet Flame
- Order of Melchizedek -
- YOD Initiation-
- Shakti Pac -
- Initiation of the Forgiveness -
- Initiation of the 7 Archangels -
- Discovering the ilusion veils
- Ascensional heart chacra
- Initiation in the arms of Lady Angel –
- Platinum Net
- Third Eyesight
- Michael Archangel Initiantion
- Initiation of the egiptian cartouches
- Wisdow of the Atlantian Masters
- Wywamus Platinum Lotus
- Lord and Lady Syrius Initiation
…and more!!!!

• Merkabah
• Ascended master’s teachings
• Elohin’s teachings
• Archangels teachings
• Atlantian Masters Healing and ascension activation
• Syrius healing and activations
• Synthesis Reiki
• Synthesis Healing
• Advanced Techinics of Therapy for ascension
• Kahunas healing
• Seichim
• SKHM (advanced Seichim/Egiptian Ascension tecniches)
• Ayurvéda teachings
• AMADEUS Healing
. Native American Teachings for ascension

Ascended Shamanism

• Channelings
• Healing
• Healing Environments
• Ascensional Astrology from Syrius (ascensional mission, initiantion level, message from soul and monad, etc...)
• Messages from Masters, Archangels and Elohins